1. To roam without a plan or a map.  2. The act of traveling unhindered by expectation.


3. A group of Americana musicians led into musical ventures by wayward wanderer Shanna Underwood.

Shanna and the Hawk


Shanna and the Hawk


My first band with friend and former flame, Haakon Kallweit.  Recorded at the Track Farm in Cape Elizabeth, ME.  Kris Day on bass, Joe Bloom on Harmonia, Rob Sylvain on dobro, and Marc Cousins on drums.  Good times and tunes we're still proud of.

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Digital Versions of these CDs available at Bandcamp.  Also available on Spotify, Itunes, and more, but the compensation from those sites does not benefit our ability to keep creating art in the same way as buying the music directly.

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